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Date/Time: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 08:40:13 +0000

Study Subgraph Multiply - inaccurate value due to decimal limitation

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[2022-11-23 13:26:32]
adam czuk - Posts: 17

My *study subgraph multiply* studies apparently have a limitation of only 3 decimal places. The subgraph lines are visually where they need to be, but the value being shown is inaccurate and since I have alert conditions based on these subgraph values I am getting false signals.

In my picture, I have an ATR line in green, with two Study Subgraph Multiply studies in blue that reference the ATR, multiplied by 2 and 0.8. As you can see the decimal limitation causes inaccurate values on the right values scale.

Most studies, like the ATR shown, will display the same amount of decimals as the Price Display Format setting in Chart Settings. For some reason, this is not true for the Study Subgraph Multiply study.

[2022-11-23 16:13:41]
John - SC Support - Posts: 21711
As a general studies are setup with a Value Format of "Inherited", which means that the study will use the same value format as what is set for the Main Price Graph.

The Study Subgraph Multiply has the Value Format set to "0.001". The multiplication is correct, you are just not seeing the full value of the numbers since it is set to only display to 3 decimal places. Change the Value Format for these studies to what you want to see. Refer to the following:
Chart Studies: Settings and Inputs Tab >> Value Format
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