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Date/Time: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 08:20:01 +0000

[Locked] - Customize Chart/Trade DOM columns

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[2022-11-22 00:45:25]
Crtfyd - Posts: 264
I was watching the SC Webinar from Pit Futures Trading on YouTube.
I downloaded the bish chart book to my DATA file.
When it got to DOM settings, I went to TRADE>Customize Chart/Trade DOM columns to change to his settings.
I added the MOD to the DOM.
I currently have Service Package 10. I know to get MOD I need Service Package 12.
I figured it wouldn't show until I upgraded to 12, so no big deal adding it to my DOM.
I then opened a new Chartbook, Pit Traders bish chart book.
I then closed it, and went back to my regular Chartbook.
I then kept getting an error pop-up. Id tell you what it was, but that's also what was effected.
The error had something to do with "the MPO cannot be calculated because 0 of 32334 files are missing"!(Something like that)
I saved a screenshot of it, but after the crash, I opened it and it said cannot open picture.
My screen saver on my laptop was erased amongst other things erased,I couldn't sign into SC. I sent for a password reset to get back in.
Now that Im in, I erased all the files that bish chart book added.
So regardless of figuring out why my SC crashed, and then leading to other things on my laptop crashing too, Im trying to get all my info back.
Even though I had my data backed up, I added my backed up Chart File back into Sierra chart bc my Customized Control Bar is missing.
So Id like to get my charts back to where they where before this whole SC crash,

What file do I find my "Customized Control Bar" settings in?

I dont know if adding Bish's chartbook screwed it up, (Did I put it in the correct file? I added it to DATA file),
or if adding MBO without having SVC PKG 2 did it. Im thinking it was the MBO, because after I was able to get back in, the MBO was missing from my DOM, whereas everything else was still added.
[2022-11-22 01:05:33]
John - SC Support - Posts: 21711
The control bars, along with most of your global settings, is contained within the file named Sierra4.config. There are backups of this file in the Backups folder. Refer to the following:
Restoring Backup Global Configuration File

With regards to the issues you had with your computer, it would be incredibly difficult for the issue to have been related to the Chartbook file. The Chartbook files are simply binary files, but are not executables. And Sierra Chart is setup to have as little interaction with the operating system as possible.

It is a strange coincidence, and we simply do not know what could have happened.
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[2022-11-22 22:42:07]
Crtfyd - Posts: 264
OK, not knowing about programing, Ill take your word for it about Bishs Chartbook.
So I followed the instructions to get my charts back, and they are fine, but...
I used a back up I had on a thumb-stick bc there was No Sierra4.config file in my Backup folder except 7/22/2022!
So the crash erased all the backups (Ive been on SC nearly everyday since).
The existing Sierra4.config that was there was the day of the crash, but the Control Bar that was showing, was not mine, it was Bishes. How that became the Control Bar Idk, because I opened Bish's Chartbook, then returned to mine, but it had Bish's Control Bar.
So to better understand (I dont think I want to open Bish's Chartbook again even though you say it wasnt the cause), I added the MBO again to see the error message.
I could not reproduce the crash with MPO added. I was NOT connected Live, I dont know if that makes a difference bc then it would recognize I dont have Service Package 12.

So short of the crash happening again, Im going to proceed, except with an important question.

Can I add "Bid/Ask Market Order Column" to my Customized DOM??

Since I dont have Service 12 (I have 10) will it just not show up on my DOM, or will it cause problems?

[2022-11-22 23:08:28]
John - SC Support - Posts: 21711
You can add the columns, they will just be blank.

One of our primary goals is to have software that does not crash. Therefore, we will generally make the statement that there is nothing you can do in Sierra Chart, using only our software, that would cause the software to crash. If you do find one, then we certainly want to know about it.

By the way, we opened that chartbook and we did not have any issues with it.
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[2022-11-25 22:16:26]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 6328
An abnormal shutdown of Sierra Chart is not going to cause files to be deleted. That is impossible. And Sierra Chart is very very stable and should not have any abnormal shutdowns. So we do not know what is happening in your case but it is not going to be an issue with Sierra Chart. Extremely unlikely.

Also we are changing the subject of this thread. Please do not post a subject like this, otherwise we will delete the post.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

Your definitive source for support. Other responses are from users. Try to keep your questions brief and to the point. Be aware of support policy:

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