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Date/Time: Sun, 21 Apr 2024 19:57:28 +0000

[Programming Help] - Control Bar Buttons Using Http Request Crashing Sierra Chart

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[2022-10-03 04:38:36]
kam2001 - Posts: 65
Hi, i am trying to make http post request when a button is clicked but for some reason Sierra Chart is shutting (crashing) down, it's definately the code used for sc.MakeHTTPPOSTRequest as i can display the message in the log if i don't use sc.MakeHTTPPOSTRequest. But this exact code for sc.MakeHTTPPOSTRequest works in my other study on the chart. Any Suggestions!!. Thanks
#include "sierrachart.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <string.h>
#include <sstream>
void PassingSCStrutureExampleFunction(SCStudyInterfaceRef sc)
SCSFExport scsf_MyToolBarButton(SCStudyInterfaceRef sc)
if (sc.SetDefaults)
// Set the configuration and defaults

sc.GraphName = "MY ToolBar Button";

sc.StudyDescription = "This code does something";

sc.GraphRegion = 0;

sc.AutoLoop = 0;

sc.Input[0].Name = "Post";

if (sc.IsFullRecalculation)
sc.SetCustomStudyControlBarButtonHoverText(ACS_BUTTON_1, "CLICK");
sc.SetCustomStudyControlBarButtonText(ACS_BUTTON_1, "CLICK");

int& RequestState = sc.GetPersistentInt(1);
n_ACSIL::s_HTTPHeader HTTPHeader;
HTTPHeader.Name = "Some-Header";
HTTPHeader.Value = "123";
int NumberOfHeaders = 2;
int postData = sc.Input[0].GetInt();
const char* APIURL = "http://localhost:9000/demo";
std::string test;
SCDateTime SysTime = sc.CurrentSystemDateTime;
SCString MessageText;

// wait for a button
if (sc.MenuEventID == ACS_BUTTON_1 && postData > 0)
if (sc.PointerEventType == SC_ACS_BUTTON_ON) {
MessageText.AppendFormat("Clicked Now %i, ", sc.MenuEventID);
sc.AddMessageToLog(MessageText, 0);

test = "SOMEVALUE";
std::string str = "&test=" + test

const char *cstr = str.c_str();
if (!sc.MakeHTTPPOSTRequest(APIURL, cstr, &HTTPHeader, NumberOfHeaders)) {
sc.AddMessageToLog("Error making HTTP request.", 1);
RequestState = REQUEST_NOT_SENT;
} else {
sc.AddMessageToLog(APIURL, 1);
sc.AddMessageToLog("BUY HTTP request Made.", 1);
RequestState = REQUEST_SENT;
// reset button to off
sc.SetCustomStudyControlBarButtonEnable(sc.MenuEventID, 0);

else if (sc.PointerEventType == SC_ACS_BUTTON_OFF){
sc.AddMessageToLog("ACS Button Off Event.", 1);

sc.SetCustomStudyControlBarButtonEnable(sc.PriorSelectedCustomStudyControlBarButtonNumber, 0);

Date Time Of Last Edit: 2022-10-03 04:40:39
[2022-10-03 07:06:17]
User431178 - Posts: 410
Probably memory access violation when reading Headers, although I'm guessing slightly as the function is not documented.

int MakeHTTPPOSTRequest(const SCString& URL, const SCString& POSTData, const n_ACSIL::s_HTTPHeader* Headers, int NumberOfHeaders);

I'd expect the Headers parameter to be the address of an array of headers, which is why the NumberOfHeaders parameter is needed.
In your code you pass the address of a single header, but you tell the function that there are 2 headers to read, when the second non-existant header is read an access violation can occur.

Suggest setting NumberOfHeaders = 1

If you actually need 2 headers then

const int numberOfHeaders = 2

n_ACSIL::s_HTTPHeader HTTPHeaders[numberOfHeaders];

HTTPHeaders[0].Name = "Some-Header";
HTTPHeaders[0].Value = "123";

HTTPHeaders[1].Name = "Some-Other-Header";
HTTPHeaders[1].Value = "456";

[2022-10-03 09:59:28]
kam2001 - Posts: 65
I tried changing the number of headers (but it worked in my other study regardless different no of header defined) anyway and i also commented out the code below - and one of the trick did the job not sure which one though. Thanks anyway.

//#include <iostream>

//#include <string.h>

//#include <sstream>

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