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Date/Time: Thu, 13 Jun 2024 09:50:45 +0000

Opening sub-instance overwrites .cpp / .h files in ACS_Source directory

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[2022-09-24 02:00:07]
jwick - Posts: 142
I'm experiencing a peculiar thing in v2439.

In my main instance, I have several c++ source & header files in ACS_Source. However, these are all symbolic links to another drive where the files actually reside. Similarly I have sub-instances that have the same symbolic links pointing to the same original files. Here is what I'm noticing:
A) If I manually open the sub-instance (by opening SierraChart_64.exe directly from the sub-instance directory), everything is fine.
B) If from my main instance, I choose File -> New Sub-instance, my sub instance opens, but all the prior symbolic links are over-written with zero data (in fact the original source files are also zero-ed out). Luckily those source files are backed up so I was able to recover them without issue. However, after recovering those files and re-creating the symbolic links within the ACS_Source folder, they get over-written again when opening the sub-instance through the file -> new subinstance method.

I did not experience this before but don't have a recent specific version where it was working without issue.
[2022-09-26 13:48:59]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32312
The only reason this would occur is if these files are items that you are set to download from our server. In other words, they were shared with you, or are part of a study that you bought/have access to. You can see the list of files that you are set to automatically download at the following link:

When you start Sierra Chart these files are going to be downloaded. But it should not matter what method you use to start Sierra Chart, or what instance you are starting.

And note that we do not recommend using symbolic links/shortcuts with Sierra Chart. The system is not specifically setup to handle this setup, so we can not say for sure what exactly is occurring in your situation, apart from the above.
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[2022-09-26 15:55:50]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 14882
This issue is nothing new. We would have to check but the source code files are probably copied from the main instance to a sub instance.

Why you see the behavior you do is going to relate to the operating system and not Sierra Chart.
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