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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 02:11:42 +0000

[Programming Help] - Charts updates only every 2 seconds

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[2022-05-23 14:07:51]
lovelivelaught - Posts: 36
On Friday at the end of day I cleared some data files in my Sierra folder as my Windows(C) was running out of free storage. I assume when I cleared some accumulated data that was related to trading log I deleted something else as today it is causing a delayed "paused" (every 2 second) chart update and even moving chart windows are slow.
I need help with that please. I did not cleared my recycle basket yet in case if I have to restore files. Heads up - I am bad with all software language and in case if you have to log in my computer to find a problem it might be a better and faster solution or just call me and guide me instead of texting back and forth.
Thank you on advance!
[2022-05-23 16:21:52]
lovelivelaught - Posts: 36
To make it easier for myself I downloaded a new SierraChart software on my Data(D) disk as I did not have enough space on my Windows (c). I copied all files in the software that I had a problem with (in Windows(C)) and pasted to a new software Data(D) . it seams like it is working fine now. Please let me know that it will work so I can uninstall Sierra software on my Window(C)
Thank you in advance!

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