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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 21:26:38 +0000

second instance dlls not loading (and other issues)? [realtime replay in parallel]

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[2022-05-13 21:00:43]
User133994 - Posts: 42

In an effort to attempt to use a 2nd instance (or 3rd/4th) of SC without doing a whole separate "install", I've selected File->New Instance from the menu and consistently have issues.

At times part of the capabilities work, but "out of the box" it doesn't work. I've read on support pages that this 2nd instance should copy everything over to its own data folder and work just as well but without having to copy all of the data. This has not ever been my experience.

I've copied the chartbook from the parent data folder to the sub-instance data folder and tried to open it. It opens and gets data, however, the DLL files (custom indicators present in the parent data folder) can't be found? Then, I close the 2nd instance copy over the DLL files from the parent to the sub-instance folder and try to do "File->New Instance" again, and now it starts a ..._3 instance and ignores the .._2 folder that I just added the correct DLL files to. This is frustrating.

Other times, I've been successful at copying the DLL files to the sub-instance folder, however, this error occurs again:
"File not found or may be missing SCDLLName" even though I know for a fact that the DLL file is in that exact location? Weird.

The parent chartbook that uses the same DLL files works wonderfully. I have much better success simply doing a brand new SC install on the machine--yes 2 copies of the data now; but it consistently works.

However, it appears that I'll be severely limited in the number of open instances that I can have--if I do "brand new" installs vs "File->New Instance" sub-instances. That is because SC limits the number of "logins" that I can do simultaneously. Just today I bought the max # of SC logins (5). No, I don't need realtime data feeds for replay capability--thus I don't need 10 realtime data connections, but I do need 10 SC instances that can replay an custom strategy on different days at the same time...

Nonetheless, the objective is to have about 10 SC instances running simultaneous on differing devices to parallelize the realtime replay capability across lots of days of replay of a custom ACSIL strategy. The realtime replay is slow--especially on the NQ market.

Anyone's thoughts on how to resolve the stated issues or have a better way to run "realtime" replays on a large # of days without having to wait 30 days to replay a month of data. No, the "speed" setting really doesn't make a difference when running a "realtime" replay..maybe I can get 3x, but, the objective is to also record the screen as the trades occur so that I can replay the video to understand what happened in addition to comparing the actual trade results.

Please help.

[2022-05-13 21:09:43]
John - SC Support - Posts: 17026
The first thing is that you should not be having the issue you are having with the custom studies, as long as you have copied them properly. Make sure you put them in the Data folder that is under the other instance. For example, for a 2nd instance, the appropriate folder to put the .dll into would be [Main Sierra Chart Folder]\SierraChartInstance_2\Data.

As to starting a 3rd instance, the system will increment the instance number based on how many are already open. Therefore, if you got an Instance #3, then that means that Instance #2 was already running. You can also automatically start Sub-Instances by defining the particular instance you want to start in the General Settings. Refer to the following:
General Settings Window: Instances to Open on Startup (Global Settings >> General Settings >> General 1)

We saw your other post asking for 10 logins. You will get a separate response to that question.
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