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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 16:52:25 +0000

Questions/ Problems Re: Sharing .cht files with another user

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[2022-05-12 00:35:33]
User274555 - Posts: 8
I shared one of my chart files (.cht) and they can open the file....

but 2 curios things I can't seem to locate answers to...

1.) The chart uses the standard study: Cumulative Delta Bars - Trades

But the delta bars are all skewed headed in one direction...they don't match the delta bars that I see on my own version of the chartbook for the exact same time period.

We have tried removing the study on the new users SC install and re-installing the study...but same effect.

I'm sure It's something we didn't configure correctly...but we can't seem to locate the cause or help topic in the forum that's related.

*If it matters...the new user is still in a trial mode of SC using "SC Data - All Services" and we did also try "Trading Evaluator" as the connection method.

Anyone have any ideas?

2.) Using this same shared .cht file....when the trade window for the chart is opened I see my real brokerage account number when in NOT using sim...

Am I correct in understanding the help file here

Under "Sensitive Information" sub heading the following line: "This trading account identifier in no way can be used to access your trading account."

Can someone confirm that there is no possible way my real brokerage account can be accessed by this other user?

- Thanks
[2022-05-13 05:22:03]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 2706
1. Set Sierra Chart to a Tick by Tick Data Configuration. Follow the instructions here to do this:
Tick by Tick Data Configuration

2. Yes the account is definitely not accessible in any way.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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