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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Mar 2023 06:36:32 +0000

Extreme slowness and high CPU / RAM Usage

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[2022-03-01 17:59:26]
chart_warrior - Posts: 92
I noticed that lately SC has been very slow and I'm unable to open multiple charts because the price update is extremely skippy.
There are a few issues:

1) If I open the main window, even on its own, doesn't matter which chart is open within it, moving the cursor or scrolling through the charts is very slow. Even minimizing windows is slow.
2) If I open my main chart only by itself it's decently fast, but as soon as I open another chart everything becomes slow.
3) I had the "Market Depth Historical Graph" chart and it was completely unusable because it wouldn't smoothly update, price would jump. This happened even when I had the chart open on its own. I tried changing the update interval but it wasn't fast enough to make the chart useful.
4) When I open a fresh session of SC it takes a while to do do something in the background because the RAM usage is around 2.5GB. My normal usage seems to be around 800mb and 30%CPU.

My anti virus has an exclusion for SierraChart folder so it shouldn't be the problem.
Log messages are attached
[2022-03-01 18:07:35]
chart_warrior - Posts: 92
Messages log attached
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[2022-03-01 18:08:31]
chart_warrior - Posts: 92
Chartbook attached
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[2022-03-01 18:57:07]
John - SC Support - Posts: 23263
There are a few things that we see in your Message Log.

: Array is unallocated.

You will want to run Sierra Chart in Safe Mode and see if you continue to get these messages. If you do not, then you will need to go through the 3rd party studies that you use and see which one of them is causing this and let the developers know that about the error message you are getting.

Chart #1 has tagged chart #32 for full recalculation

You have a lot of these kind of messages. In general, they do not mean anything, but you will want to check your charts and make sure you do not have any Circular References, where a chart is calling another, and then that one is calling back to the first one. Refer to the information here:
High CPU Usage | Inactive User Interface | Long Time to Load Chart Data | Charts Reloading Often: 30.9 References to Other Charts / Continuous Full Recalculation of Charts

Symbol Error - UVXY is unknown, unavailable, or improperly formatted. Exact match not found for symbol UVXY

As the message states, the symbol UVXY is unknown. In order to get delayed data for U.S. Stocks you would need to append "-NQTV" to the stock ticker. Therefore, change this symbol to "UVXY-NQTV" and you will get delayed streaming data for this instrument.


Beyond the above, refer to the information at the following link:
High CPU Usage | Inactive User Interface | Long Time to Load Chart Data | Charts Reloading Often: 30.48 - Basic Steps to Resolve Performance Issue in Sierra Chart
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