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Date/Time: Wed, 17 Jul 2024 09:34:35 +0000

Previous Day VWAP

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[2014-03-26 08:52:22]
Dom7364 - Posts: 257

How would you go about adding a study that displays the last day's close/end of session VWAP on a current intraday real-time chart?

I am looking for a dynamic way to do it, as opposed to having to reset a chart where dates have to be changed every day to the previous day, add VWAP, and find the closing VWAP level, if possible?
[2014-03-26 09:07:02]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Try the Horizontal Line at Time study. You will need to base it on the Volume Weighted Average Price study.

See if that does what you need.

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[2014-03-26 09:35:01]
Dom7364 - Posts: 257
Thanks.Having played with start/stop times, I can't get it to display anything but the begining of the day/today's session. In fact, it look like VWAP is caclulated throught the day, until, at some point before the end of the session, it goes back to the first close(or open) of the vert firts bar/candle of the day. This is what I am getting, when I am looking to get the last day's calculated VWAP, before it moves up or down to where ever the opening of the new session is.
[2014-03-26 10:12:23]
BJV - Posts: 29
Check out the ECIVwap under user contributed studies. This will allow you to plot the previous days vwap
[2014-03-26 10:16:25]
Dom7364 - Posts: 257
Thanks a million!

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