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Date/Time: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 04:28:12 +0000

Stop move to B/E

[2021-09-15 12:18:04]
User377189 - Posts: 70
I have set stop to move certain ticks market moves a certain amount. I got in two sim trades yesterday and then switched off the computer. When i switched on the computer and subsequently the platform this morning my stop had not moved even though the market had moved to the level where the stop should have moved
[2021-09-15 15:46:37]
John - SC Support - Posts: 10711
You state that these were "sim trades". If you were using Simulation Mode, then the system does not have a way to follow the information when Sierra Chart is not running. In other words, Simulation Mode is strictly client-side and Sierra Chart has to be running for it to work.

If you are wanting a more "realistic" simulation environment, then take a look at our Trading Evaluator systems. These use Server-Side orders to simulate the real-world trading environment, therefore you could turn off your Sierra Chart software and still have your orders handled on the server. Refer to the following:

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