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Date/Time: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 04:30:12 +0000

no sync between my computer and SD server

[2021-09-14 18:34:45]
User839302 - Posts: 35
line out of message log >
> "local computer UTC time and server UTC time difference: 2 seconds/ 2021-09-14 13:10:28.879"

This has been working fine, but now it will not sync.
Please advise what is problem.
This has been an ongoing problem for months, like musical chairs.
but always manages to get right, get synced up...
now no...
[2021-09-14 22:37:45]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 97826
Refer to help topic 38:
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

Your definitive source for support. Other responses are from users. If possible please keep your questions brief and to the point. Please be aware of support policy:

If your question/request has been answered and you do not have anything further, then it is easiest for us if you do not reply again to say thank you.
[2021-09-15 00:23:56]
User839302 - Posts: 35
Dear SC Support,

The message log indicates my computer & SC server are in sync to (3) decimal points.
To the same numbers.

Yet a few lines below,
this line sent to support earlier today,,,
it indicates a (1-3) second difference which appears to be completely random.
The line Today just showed (1-2) seconds each time attempted to get synced up.
I have had a third party on my machine multiple times in past to check my clock and analysis showed my machine is synced with correct (world) time down to tiny fraction of split second. (No variance)

For last (2) days it never did sync up as it usually does after a few attempts,
no matter the times attempted.
[2021-09-15 14:58:49]
John - SC Support - Posts: 10711
Having the time off by a few seconds will not make any impact to the functioning of the system, especially since you are using the Denali Exchange Data Feed for your data, which does not rely on the local computer clock for the timestamping.

The messages will show up in your Message Log, but you can ignore them.

If you really want to sync up your computer clock, then you need to do it to our servers. The following setting allows for this to occur, but you have to have Sierra Chart running in an account that has Administrator privileges or is being run as Administrator:

To post a message in this thread, you need to login with your Sierra Chart account:


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