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First In First Out orders

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[2014-03-25 00:10:41]
AC94667 - Posts: 5
Is there a way to set the execution of exit orders on SC to First In First Out (FIFO)? I like to scale in with limit orders on my position but the first orders to get exit are the last ones I entered with in other words the way it is right now is First In Last Out, and Last In First Out

[2014-03-25 01:55:35]
User63439 - Posts: 83
look Trade - general trade settings - then you find scale in and out and set it how you like.
hope i could help
[2014-03-25 22:22:14]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Ultimately what it sounds like you are referring to is the FIFO/LIFO logic used for order fill matching which is used to create the Trade Position Average Price.

This is explained in detail here and how to change this logic:
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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