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Date/Time: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 23:14:12 +0000

Text on ext Rect

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[2014-03-14 07:01:26]
AKR - Posts: 495
this is for sure a minor problem, but probably easy to solve.
the text of extend rect seems to me randomly be on the top or bottom of it. Is there a way to always keep it same. when having many of them overlaying each other this can be a bit confusing.
[2014-03-14 07:07:00]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103466
We will look into this.
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[2014-03-14 12:51:14]
Al SC Developer - Posts: 434
The labels are always placed outside the rectangle (one above and one below). This is done so the text is easier to read by not being within the highlight area, but obviously multiple overlapping drawings interferes.

If you have a drawing that does not have text outside, please post an image.

We will look at adding an option to control the vertical alignment of the labels.
[2014-03-14 12:56:28]
AKR - Posts: 495
yes, it is outside the rectangle always, true. but sometimes it is on the upper outside and sometimes on the lower outside.....
what do you mean with "one above and one below". I eg only use text, there is no price label. but for some rectangles (expanding rectangle that usually is cut at the left side somewhere) as I said it is above and sometimes belwo. and I do not know how to control that....
thanks a lot!
[2014-03-14 13:03:27]
Al SC Developer - Posts: 434
When price is displayed there are two labels (one above/below). When only the text is displayed, it is currently drawn based on how the rectangle was drawn (2nd point above/below first). We will change this to be more consistent and always put on top.
[2014-03-14 14:19:33]
AKR - Posts: 495
ah, I see.
great & thx for solution !!!

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