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Date/Time: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 04:54:25 +0000

Move to breakeven + 1 - Button

[2021-05-28 07:51:13]
User361939 - Posts: 32
I create button for control bar "SL to 0" which is simply "Move to breakeven" command.
I would like to add button "SL + 1" which means that STOP LOSS goes +1 tick(or any numbers of ticks) over Breakeven level.

Is It possible to do it?

Best Regards
[2021-05-28 14:07:37]
John - SC Support - Posts: 10622
There is not an option for a "Move to Break Even + 1" keyboard shortcut. But, you can set your "Move to Break Even" command to have a particular offset by entering a value in the Move to BE Offset field. Refer to the following:
[2021-06-10 08:50:06]
User361939 - Posts: 32
Ty for information.

I Found that it might not working properly with button.

I have Chart1 and Chart2

Chart1 with offset 0 - when i click on button "move to break even" it goes to 0
Chart2 with offset +1 - when i click on button "move to break even" it doesn't go to +1 only 0

Is command "Move to break even" connected with "TradeWindow" where i can set offset? It's seems not or it's not working properly.

Any thoughts about that?

Best Regards
[2021-06-11 15:49:16]
John - SC Support - Posts: 10622
Which "Move to Break Even" button are you using? We just verified that everything is working properly with the BE button on the Trade Window.
[2021-07-23 15:10:22]
User330092 - Posts: 9
Going with this topic:
Is it possible to create button the same as author suggested but "assign" button to the TRADE WINDOw TEMPLATE.
We can create as much template as we want, with Offset +1, offset +2 etc then assinging to the button. This would solve the problem, but question is if , is it possible?

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