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Delayed Data

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[2021-03-08 22:29:20]
User107740 - Posts: 6
I have three days of full use of Sierra Chart but where is in the present time the delayed data flow to which I am entitled during these three days ????
[2021-03-09 09:11:23]
User107740 - Posts: 6
My delayed data flow has stopped several weeks ago as I was still entitled to receive it (It should be an issue specific to me). Since this time I try to comunicate with SC but it seems an impossible mission.I cannot renew my subscription until this problem has been resolved...
As a result you left me with no choice but to give up when I was about to open a trading account with real time data and planned to become a long time user with SC...
[2021-03-09 12:56:20]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
What symbol do you want delayed streaming data for? Just tell us one symbol.

Update Sierra Chart to the current version:
Software Download: Fast Update

Make sure the symbols are set correctly by using this Edit menu command:
Edit Menu: Edit >> Translate Symbols To Current Service

We have added an additional two weeks of usage time to your Sierra Chart account.
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