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[User Discussion] - Spreadsheet trading exit question

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[2014-02-28 19:44:11]
User14682 - Posts: 83
How do I make sure that when I exit, the entire position is liquidated? Quantity is set at 2 but sometimes I have a position of 4.... I have implemented 2 exits, although sometimes they trigger on the same bar, not fully exiting the position.. Please help..

Current buy exit example : =OR(AND(AA3<AG3,AA4>AG4),AND(AA3<AI3,AA4>AI4))
[2014-03-01 03:15:04]
vegasfoster - Posts: 444
You need to put a formula in J26 to control the quantity. I would do something like split your signals, for example put one in column O and one in column P and return 2 if true and 0 if false, then in colmumn K say if either O or P are 2 then true, and in J26 put O3+P3 to give either 2 or 4.
[2014-03-04 00:34:14]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103470
In the Order Quantity cell you will want to set it to 0 and then the full position will be Flattened with the Exit signal.
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