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Date/Time: Thu, 25 Apr 2024 01:19:40 +0000

Constant Reminders To Complete Agreement For Delayed Exchange Data Feed - I-Do-Not-Want

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[2021-02-07 20:05:00]
User52897 - Posts: 47
Constant Reminders To Complete Agreement For Delayed Exchange Data Feed - I-Do-Not-Want

To: Sierra Chart

1. I do not want it.
2. I have zero use for CME Exchange Data.
3. I will never use it.
3. Further, the Agreement requests Personal Information I do not want to give.
4. Why? Because the less Personal Information on the Web the less opportunity for ID Theft. Been through that !

Is there a Permanent Account Opt-Out for this constant reminders to complete Agreement for Delayed Exchange Data to continue having access beyond July 31 2020 ?
The 'Do Not Show This Again' option is simply a constantly failing temp measure - because even it the browser cache is not cleared Sierra Chart intrusively reactivates these unwanted reminders of an unwanted service.
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[2021-02-08 05:50:15]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
3. Further, the Agreement requests Personal Information I do not want to give.
This is not true. You just type your name and the date.

And we see in your account information you already have your name and address. So everything is fine there. Not sure if there is any requirement for a telephone number but if so we can remove that. We do not see that as necessary.

You need to understand from our perspective, how we deal with for 15+ years now, constantly throughout the day, every day, day after day, continuous requests for streaming market data and now that we offer it, it is necessary to complete the agreement to provide access.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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[2021-02-26 02:23:41]
User52897 - Posts: 47
To: Sierra Chart Support

I have signed this a number of times ->>>>>>>>>> The Uniform Subscriber Agreement For Delayed Data has been signed and saved.

After which I am request to update to the most current version regards new symbols etc, etc. This has been done numerous times.

After a few days I get this message - "Go to the Manage Account Information page to update the details if they are invalid or Missing."

Why this message after a few days and not immediately after signing the agreement ??

All my details are UK relevant - not US relevant. All fields are filled in.

1. Fist Name: a valid three letter first name is filled.
2. Last/Business Name: a valid three letter last name is filled.
3. Email: a valid email is filled.
4. Telephone: a valid UK telephone and international dial code (+44) is filled >>> +447707xxxxxx
5. Address: a valid road and house number is filled.
6. City: a valid UK City is filled.
7. State/Province: a valid UK County is filled. (no state or provinces in UK)
8. Post Code: a valid UK post code is filled (no zip codes in UK)
9: Country: a valid 'United Kingdom' is filled.

This is an endless repeating loop - which repeats after a few days - and which I am unable to solve.

If you are unable to access my Account Information can I send you my password so that you can rectify and rid me of this constant endless loop of the same unsolved notification ?
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[2021-02-26 22:33:11]
SC Support - Posts: 1793
Your Market Data Agreements have been accepted, your name "Hay Day" was considered in correct, but since that is your name its been accepted. Thank you for your patience.

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