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[2021-01-29 19:46:04]
User929353 - Posts: 5
Hello SC. I have had some experiences lately where I will use a market order and the order fills 20 to 30 points outside of the spread. I am trading MNQ. I am trading a single contract. I did not think a single contract would be exposed to such high levels of slippage maybe you can help me understand wat exactly is going on. I am using the SC Futures Routing and Data feed.

Also If i try to Sell the Bid, or Sell the Ask, I get an error saying I cannot do that sometimes because Price is Outside the Bands. I just don't fully know what that means.
[2021-01-30 08:34:32]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104367
This is because you are receiving delayed data. You need to have activated the Denali Exchange Data Feed:
Denali Exchange Data Feed

Since your account is with AMP you can have them do that on their side.

You should see "delayed" on the title bar of the charts. And also in the Region Data Line.

Also regarding the outside of bands error, refer to:
Order Types: Order Rejected from Outside of Bands
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