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Date/Time: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 05:35:29 +0000

[User Discussion] - CRYPTO CURRENCIES

[2021-01-15 14:17:25]
User260614 - Posts: 4
How do I open a btcusd and other crypt charts? I am having problem
[2021-01-15 15:10:38]
John - SC Support - Posts: 10711
Refer to the information here:
[2021-01-16 09:27:39]
User260614 - Posts: 4
This is what I get when trying to open Crypto Charts. How, for example, can I open a BTCUSD chart?


Thank you
[2021-01-16 09:31:32]
User260614 - Posts: 4
Above image did not have the overlay. Consider this one here

[2021-01-16 23:59:09]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 97826
Use this symbol:

Open a chart for that symbol.
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[2021-07-26 22:08:26]
emilyresmi - Posts: 1
From those which are going to be listed, which ones you think are worth investing in? From what I read in an article, there are a few which are very promising and the people who are in this business for a long time, already invested in them, until their price didn't jump up yet. I heard that que criptomoneda convene comprar https://revisionesdetarjetascripto.com/, is gonna be listed on binance very soon, and making an investment in it right now, might a wise decision, because according to statistics, a big number of these new coins are getting pumped when they are listed in the very first days.
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