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Date/Time: Mon, 02 Oct 2023 00:43:14 +0000

Need Advice on multi-pc trade setup with SC real-time & AMP Futures

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[2014-02-19 19:23:52]
inthetrend - Posts: 33 Invalid SC Account Name.
I am unable to link back to the origins of this thread and have learned a lot since starting it. Now ready to put it together and have a question: I trade with 3 PC's. I want to have two with data/trading capability, and one with real-time indexes, historical data, etc.

I have an AMP TTnet account set up originally with SC r-t data on two PC's and SC Exchange on third. And I have SC level 5 (via AMP billing). However, I found this setup does not work like I thought in relation to my goal. Therefore, before making any more changes and mistakes, I have paused here and not yet set up the second TT net account.

Before I make any more changes, I wanted to get SC Support's take on which of the following variations that AMP says will accomplish my goals would you recommend: 1. TTnet/SC via two different accounts. 2. CQG via a main and sub-account with CQG data. 3. Rithmic with one account (where you can have two feeds on one or two PC's they say). I trade just CME stuff and not clear on whether SC r-t data is needed with option 3, or is it just an option?

I apologize for my past abrasiveness on this issue, but there are many things I did not understand. The good thing is, I have found AMP to be an awesome broker with lots of options and very good support. And I can say the same thing about Sierra Charts which I have used for many years: Outstanding platform and support! Thank you!
[2014-02-19 23:50:12]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
and one with real-time indexes,
Futures or cash indexes?

In all cases, we can only recommend that you have your own Sierra Chart account which is directly paid for. We do not provide help with accounts provided from affiliates. You will be able to use this Sierra Chart account on 3 systems at a time (package 5) and use any Data or Trading service you want.

We would recommend using CQG or TT. Keep in mind with CQG, you need to use the Sierra Chart market data feed. With TT it is optional. As far as how many connections you can have to a particular CQG or TT username at the same time, the broker can help with that. With either of these, Sierra Chart does support multiple trade accounts on a Username.

Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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