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Date/Time: Wed, 07 Dec 2022 11:04:58 +0000

Post From: Need Advice on multi-pc trade setup with SC real-time & AMP Futures

[2014-02-19 19:23:52]
inthetrend - Posts: 33 Invalid SC Account Name.
I am unable to link back to the origins of this thread and have learned a lot since starting it. Now ready to put it together and have a question: I trade with 3 PC's. I want to have two with data/trading capability, and one with real-time indexes, historical data, etc.

I have an AMP TTnet account set up originally with SC r-t data on two PC's and SC Exchange on third. And I have SC level 5 (via AMP billing). However, I found this setup does not work like I thought in relation to my goal. Therefore, before making any more changes and mistakes, I have paused here and not yet set up the second TT net account.

Before I make any more changes, I wanted to get SC Support's take on which of the following variations that AMP says will accomplish my goals would you recommend: 1. TTnet/SC via two different accounts. 2. CQG via a main and sub-account with CQG data. 3. Rithmic with one account (where you can have two feeds on one or two PC's they say). I trade just CME stuff and not clear on whether SC r-t data is needed with option 3, or is it just an option?

I apologize for my past abrasiveness on this issue, but there are many things I did not understand. The good thing is, I have found AMP to be an awesome broker with lots of options and very good support. And I can say the same thing about Sierra Charts which I have used for many years: Outstanding platform and support! Thank you!