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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 21:30:08 +0000

Parabolic SAR on close and price colored accordingly

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[2014-02-19 07:25:06]
User11191 - Posts: 4
I would like to know if Sierra can calculate the reversion of the parabolic sar study not on high/low of bars piercing the psar, but on close. If not how can I try to change the code of the original function in Sierra to do this? Would it be beyond a normal end user possibilities?
I would also like to know how can I color the price bars if the psar study is bellow price or above.
Incredible program the Sierra Team has developed, congratulations.

Thank you very much, my best regards.
[2014-02-19 08:26:04]
User11191 - Posts: 4
Color bar based on above/bellow study - I ve found a way to color price bars if they are above or bellow the PSAR. This method will work, just add this function to the chart
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[2014-02-19 18:16:08]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103520
The code can be modified. The documentation for this is here:

You can find the parabolic study in this file:
/ACS_Source/Studies.cpp file in the folder that Sierra Chart is installed to.

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