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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 19:38:12 +0000

[User Discussion] - Coloring value bar study

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[2014-01-29 18:56:51]
User70152 - Posts: 20
I am wondering if it all possible to color the horizontal bands in value bar study between 0 to +4 and 0 to -4 green, color yellow above +4 and below -4 and red above or below 8 and -8.
[2014-01-30 02:22:58]
Sawtooth - Posts: 4048
It can be done with the Spreadsheet Study study.

-Add the Spreadsheet Study study
-Set the Chart Region to the same as the Value Chart study
-Check 'Draw Study Underneath Main Price Graph
-Give it a name in the Spreadsheet Name field
-Set the colors and Draw Styles thus:
K(SG1) red Fill Top
L(SG2) red Fill Bottom
M(SG3) yellow Fill Top
N(SG4) yellow Fill Bottom
O(SG5) green Fill Top
P(SG6) green Fill Bottom
Q(SG7) yellow Fill Top
R(SG8) yellow Fill Bottom
S(SG9) red Fill Top
T(SG10) red Fill Bottom
-Press OK and OK
-On the spreadsheet, put these values in the respective cells:
K3: 12
L3: 8
M3: 8
N3: 4
O3: 4
P3: -4
Q3: -4
R3: -8
S3: -8
T3: -12

[2014-01-30 03:13:59]
User70152 - Posts: 20
Awesome. It worked. Thanks

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