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[User Discussion] - An Indictor That Will Count Back a Certain Number of Bars?

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[2014-01-29 08:31:25]
User25633 - Posts: 10
Not sure if this is possible but thought I would ask. Does Sierra Chart has an indicator or a way to count back a certain number of bars on the chart. For example, I am at the current bar and I want to see what the bar looked like 30 bars back, is there a way this can be done without having to count the bars myself? Thank you.
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[2014-01-29 12:17:42]
CT - Posts: 4

i'm new to SC and ACSIL but i took the change to learn and created my first DLL that should solve your problem.

Copy the attached file into your SC data folder
add study, add custom study and choose countback
change the countback number in study settings (default is 30)

it places a market on the bar

attachmentCountBack.dll - Attached On 2014-01-29 12:14:50 UTC - Size: 12 KB - 441 views
[2014-01-29 17:55:26]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
To use the attached study DLL file, follow the instructions here:
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