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How to change Chart Background color according to time

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[2014-01-28 07:01:36]
Jai Hudson - Posts: 1
Could you please explain/or provide the link to change chart backgrounds according to time.
Eg.. Have the background grey for London session,yellow for USA session etc
[2014-01-28 15:03:55]
jackw - Posts: 56
Use the 'Color Background Based on Alert Condition' study. On the Alerts tab, enter a formula like the following:

OR(BARTIME < 9.5/24 ,BARTIME >= 16.5/24)

Replace 9.5 (9:30am) and 16.5 (4:30pm) with your stop and start times.

To apply different background colors to different periods, add the study multiple times.
[2014-01-28 16:01:46]
User16114 - Posts: 153
The study "Time Range Highlight" is another option.
[2014-01-28 16:59:35]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103520
We recommend using the Time Range Highlight study:
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