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Date/Time: Thu, 29 Feb 2024 17:38:50 +0000

Chart refresh

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[2014-01-26 05:47:58]
SgtJ - Posts: 154
Is there an ACSIL function, etc that will reload a chart. I want to have it reload a chart every ~4mins fwiw.

**edit - refresh probably isn't the correct term...just want the effect of pressing the insert key
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2014-01-26 18:00:51
[2014-01-26 19:56:24]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
No. One way to do this is to programmatically change the timeframe of the chart bars and then when the chart is reloaded, change it back to the original timeframe. Although this will cause 2 reloads during that process.

Now it is possible to perform a full recalculation by setting sc.FlagFullRecalculate to a nonzero number.

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