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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 02:09:50 +0000

No Sierra Intraday and Historical Chart for the YM AND Rollover functionality

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[2014-01-22 19:11:16]
Marco Gundel1 - Posts: 18
Hi Support Team,

I hope you can help. I have just activated my SC Intraday and Historical Account with you. I am trading through Open E cry and when going to Find > Symbol I cannot select the contract. When manually entering it as "YMH4" I do get a chart though. This is not the case for the ES though for which I have a selection criteria. So far so good...as my new SC data feed is now activated I tried to get the data feed from you instead of from open e cry but the indicator that highlights that I use now your data [M] does not come up for the YM where as it does on the ES. I believe the YM is traded on the Cbot which should be part of the CME group or am I wrong? Is there something I am not doing correctly? My broker told me that I can trade the YM by entering for instance the symbol "YMH4".

Furthermore when I try to do a rollover with your new functionality it will let me select the ES in the field Global Settings > Symbol settings so that I can specify the rollover rules. As I cannot select the YM in that field I cant do a rollover for the YM.

Can you help please? Or is this a broker/open e-cry issue?
[2014-01-22 20:27:15]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103470
You need to perform a Full Reset of the symbol settings as explained here:

There was a problem in some recent versions which caused some symbols not to be listed.

Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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[2014-01-22 20:39:00]
Marco Gundel1 - Posts: 18
Thank you Sierra Team,

Works like a charm :-)

All the best

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