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Date/Time: Fri, 21 Jun 2024 07:35:27 +0000

[User Discussion] - auto marks for EMA15 Cross over SMA50 and vice versa

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[2014-01-16 22:30:07]
User35749 - Posts: 32
Following the instruction in "Posts 489", I input the phrase " =OR(AND(ID3.SG1[-1]>ID4.SG1[-1],ID4.SG1>ID3.SG1),AND(ID3.SG1[-1]<ID4.SG1[-1],ID4.SG1<ID3.SG1))" into EMA15 "Simple Alert", I don't get any color bar based on alert condition (same results for the same formula in Alert in Chart Settings. And I also enter my email address into "General Settings", I still didn't get any alert email.
1. Do I do something wrong here?
2. How can I set "output when condition true" to "use Input Data"?
Thanks and sorry bothering you,
[2014-01-17 00:09:54]
Sawtooth - Posts: 4027
Hi Van,

1) Add the Color Bar Based On Alert Condition study

2) Put the formula on the Alerts tab of the Color Bar Based On Alert Condition study (not the MA)

3) On the Alerts tab of the Color Bar Based On Alert Condition study, choose an Alert Sound (Alert#) from the dropdown menu.

4) To get an email when the alert is triggered, go to Global Settings >> General Settings >> select the same Alert# >> check Send E-Mail When This Alert Is Triggered >> enter your email address.

5) If you want to use a Draw Style other than Color Bar, go to Analysis >> Studies >> highlight the Color Bar study >> Settings button >> Settings and Inputs tab >> set the 'Output When Condition True' to 'Use Input Data', and set the Input Data to either High or Low.


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