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Future contract rollover problem + problem with upgrading to version 1077

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[2014-01-15 19:24:59]
User57431 - Posts: 31
I have got problem with rolling over to a new futures contract month. There are several possibilities how to rollover but I am not native English speaker and it is quite difficult to find the right way. I would like to ask you to give me exact guideline how to rollover. Here is my demand: I have got chart of future contract for example ES_2013_12 (e-mini S&P) with history starting from, let’s say, 9.30.2012 and I want to rollover to the new contract month ES_2014_03 and the history has to remain from 9.30.2012 as backadjusted. I would like to get simple quideline that I can use from now forever when rollingover.
This time I have tried to rollover according to your help on your website. And I have got problem with downloading datas to my chart. For example I was last loged in Sierra on Friday 1.10. and when I have loged in today I can see in my chart datas only till 1.10.2014 and 1.15.14 from the time I have loged in. There are no datas for days 1.13. and 1.14. between.

Second problem I have got with upgrading my actual Sierra version 1068 to the new one 1077.
It can not write to the .exe file. I do not understand it as I have already upgraded several times and always without problem. I havn’t changed my PC adjustment since last upgrade.


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[2014-01-16 10:40:20]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103469
1. The first step is to update Sierra Chart to version 1077 or higher. See 2 below for help with this.

1.1. To fill in the missing data in your chart, refer to help topic 7.1 here:

1.2. Set Chart >> Chart Settings >> Advanced Settings >>Continuous Futures Contract - Date Rule Rollover, Back Adjusted.

2. The problem with updating Sierra Chart is because you still have Sierra Chart running. You need to exit from Sierra Chart during the installation process. This will solve the problem.

It does look as though you are exiting from Sierra Chart, but for some reason that is taking longer than expected. You need to wait for that process to complete

3. For a description of the Continuous Contract indicators you see on the chart (CBV), refer to the bottom of this page:

Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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