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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 09:59:15 +0000

[User Discussion] - Other than FXCM Broker realtime FX data, what else we can use ?

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[2013-04-15 11:19:25]
FH87 - Posts: 25
This broker is Suck, cause it data is inaccurate

Look at 1hr Eurusd data the spike up data

Can Sierra give other choice of free FX data ?
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[2013-04-15 13:52:02]
AndyL - Posts: 119
I think the data is fine, by and large. You are probably looking at the open yesterday (sunday). FXCM starts streaming data 2 hours earlier than most other brokers. If you set session start time to 17:00 New York timezone the chart should look like everywhere else.
[2013-04-16 05:36:13]
FH87 - Posts: 25
If broker is not clean, data will also be the same

Bad record
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[2013-04-17 21:23:40]
C. Notes - Posts: 96
I have had 100+ pip data "spikes" refunded on account of bad data...

Be careful around FX close, as the spreads can swing out to 20-30 pips and level your stops.

For the most part they're not too bad... The SC fix was a great improvement...

IB has FX with low spreads...
[2013-04-17 23:33:28]
FH87 - Posts: 25
These dirty data will affect indicators calculations, very danger!

1 more point the closing of daily price on daily chart is more ridiculous.

SO Can Sierra give other choice of free FX data ? Instead of FXCM ?

Pls give an answer / response

[2013-04-19 00:06:15]
KhaosTrader - Posts: 128
I would seriously look into IQFeed, its a good datafeed. They have 2 levels for FOREX, I have them both, but I use the standard feed series.. anyway, I have been happy with them, and they do offer phone support if you have issues...

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