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Date/Time: Mon, 24 Feb 2020 15:10:46 +0000

Amp / TT costs

[2020-01-23 02:14:17]
User735389 - Posts: 146 | Ending Date: 2020-03-16
I'm currently going through this process:


I noticed on Amp's account creation form that a SierraChart + TT account is $20/mo + .10 a contract. Is this cost in addition to Sierra Chart's monthly fee? If i dont use Amp's free sierra chart service, will i not pay the $20/mo? If that's the case, I'd rather purchase the SierraChart annual to get the discount
[2020-01-23 02:35:37]
Sierra_Chart_Engineering - Posts: 534 | Ending Date: 2020-11-26
You will not be paying that to AMP but you will pay the $20/month for the Denali Data Feed to Sierra Chart if you plan to use that data feed which we assume is the case.
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