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[2013-04-11 13:49:27]
fxz - Posts: 32

i d need stunnel working with sierrachart due my currenex inst broker requires it

isn t stunnel anymore available with the newer version 963?

Any instruction on how to integrate it ?


[2013-04-11 17:35:59]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 67941
Yes, we are aware of this. This is only in your particular case because SSL certificates are needed when using Currenex FIX4.2.

Sierra Chart no longer uses stunnel. Sierra Chart now has its own SSL implementation. However, we have not yet implemented support for client-side certificates (public keys).

This will come. However, for now please go back to a prior version. Here is the documentation to use a prior version:

We apologize for this. We did not realize you would have updated so quickly although I guess that would be expected being there was a new version notice.
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