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Software Download

Current Version: 1235 (Feb 26, 2015) PreRelease: 1235 (Feb 26, 2015)
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*: Recommended for new users.

**: Recommended for existing users of the old spreadsheet functionality.

Previous Versions of Sierra Chart

Note: Sierra Chart is designed to be very simple and self-contained within its own folder. This allows for portability, easy backup and allows you to install multiple copies of it.

All data files and configuration files are located in the folder where Sierra Chart is installed to or one of the subfolders. We disagree that data files should be scattered about your system in other folders, leaving you with questions as to where they are located. It should be obvious where Sierra Chart files are and that is in its own folder.

Due to this design, it is not recommended to install Sierra Chart to the Program Files folder on your system. By default Sierra Chart will not be installed into Program Files on your system. So there is nothing special to do. The Program Files folder is a protected folder on Vista, Windows 7 and 2008. Therefore, Sierra Chart will not function correctly when installed into this folder unless you run it with Administrator level access. Running Sierra Chart with Administrator level access is for more advanced users.


  • Operating system requirements: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 2008, 8.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems are supported.
  • Windows 8 is supported. We have tested Sierra Chart on Windows 8 and determined it is compatible.

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements for Sierra Chart depends upon what you are doing with it. Most any computer system can run Sierra Chart without any difficulty. The following hardware specifications, are beyond the need of Sierra Chart, but are generally recommended for a fast system: 8 GB RAM, quad core CPU, SSD (solid-state drive).

Fast Update

Fast Update lets you update an installed copy of Sierra Chart very quickly. This is the preferred method of updating.

  1. Go to or run Sierra Chart if it is not already running.
  2. Select Help >> Download Current Version or Help >> Download PreRelease depending on what you want. The download will occur in the background. There is no progress indication. If for some reason it fails due to an error, just repeat this step. If there is an error, it will be displayed in the Sierra Chart Message Log.
  3. When the download is complete, you will be notified. Follow the on screen prompts. When prompted for an installation folder, do not change it because it is properly set to update your existing installation.
  4. Just repeat these steps for every copy of Sierra Chart you have installed. It is that easy!

Installation and Upgrading Instructions

  1. If you are upgrading, there is no need to uninstall a previous version. It will be updated. All you need to do is install the software again following the instructions below. All of your Chartbooks and program settings will work and remain the same. The version number you currently have installed is shown on the title bar of the program after the name Sierra Chart. Refer to the What is New page for a listing of new features and changes in the newer versions.
  2. When you click on the Software Download links, your browser will ask you to Save this program or to Run/Open this program. It is recommended you use the Run/Open option. If you selected the Run/Open option in your browser, then after the download is completed the setup program will automatically be run. If your Web browser or security software gives you any type of security warning, then press Yes/Allow to allow the installation since the content is definitely safe.

    If you have a problem downloading and installing Sierra Chart, then clear your browsers cache and try again. To do this in Internet Explorer, select Tools >> Internet Options on the menu. Press the General >> Browsing History >> Delete button to clear the cache. If you need more help, refer to Help Topic 24.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions with the setup program to install Sierra Chart. The setup program will ask you for a destination folder. If you are upgrading, then be sure Sierra Chart is not running and install the new version to the same folder where the existing copy of Sierra Chart is located in.

    To determine the folder where the existing copy of Sierra Chart is installed on your system, go to the existing installation of Sierra Chart and select Window >> Show/Hide Message Log. At the top of the Message Log you will see a line that says Program Path. That is the destination folder you need to use. See the image below.

    There is no need uninstall a previous version.
  4. Sierra Chart will be run automatically when the installation is finished. To start Sierra Chart later: Press the Windows Start button. Select Programs >> Sierra Chart >> Sierra Chart on the menus to run Sierra Chart. The program file name is SierraChart.exe.
  5. The Login window will appear after the program is started. The Account Name and Password boxes on the Login window are not for your Data or Trading service username and password. They are for your Sierra Chart Account Name and password.
  6. If you are a new user continue with Step 2 on the Initial Setup Instructions page. For help with getting started with Sierra Chart, refer to the Getting Started page.

Installation Errors

When starting Sierra Chart, if you encounter a Side-By-Side Configuration is Incorrect message, then install this Microsoft redistributable package directly.

Software Rollback Procedure

If you want to rollback to a prior version, then all you need to do is install the previous version over your existing version in the same folder on your computer. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. If you are using a Prerelease version and you wish to rollback to our current non Prerelease version, then select Help >> Download Current Version on the Sierra Chart menu. In this case skip the next two steps.
  2. In the copy of Sierra Chart that you want to rollback, select Window >> Show/Hide Message Log on the menu. Near the top of the Message Log look for the line Program Folder:. On this line you will see the complete path to the folder that you need to install Sierra Chart to. Make a note of it.
  3. Go to the List of Previous Sierra Chart Versions. Find the version that you wish to download. Install it into the very same folder that you made a note of in the prior step. There is no need to uninstall the version you have currently installed.
  4. After rolling back to a prior version, you may not be able to open your Chartbooks if there has been a change in the internal version number used by the Chartbooks in the newer version of Sierra Chart you were previously running. This would be the case if you saved a Chartbook under the new version and the new version has additional saved features in the Chartbook. In this case there are backup Chartbooks for you to use. For more information about using a backup Chartbook in an earlier version, refer to Accessing a Backup Chartbook File.



Uninstalling Sierra Chart will remove Sierra Chart from your computer.

You do not need to uninstall Sierra Chart to update it to a new version. You only need to download and run the installer for the new version. If you are experiencing some problem, rarely does un-installing help and is an unnecessary procedure that will cause you to lose your configuration. Contact Sierra Chart support for help.

If you want to reset Sierra Chart to a default state, refer to Help Topic 39.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. To uninstall Sierra Chart from your system you simply need to delete the folder it was installed to.

    Usually this folder is C:\SierraChart. You can find the exact folder by running Sierra Chart and selecting Window >> Show/Hide Message Log. At the top of the Message Log, the folder path is shown after Program Path:.

    Otherwise, search your computer for SierraChart.exe. If you just want to delete the program files and not your data, then do not delete the Data subfolder contained within the folder Sierra Chart is installed to. Sierra Chart can be installed multiple times to your system, with each copy in a different folder. You need to be sure to delete the copy or copies that you want to un-install.
  2. The only other two items to remove will be the Sierra Chart Icon on your desktop and the shortcuts to Sierra Chart on the Windows Start menu. You simply need to right-click on those and select Delete on the menu to remove them.


We do not use an un-installer for several reasons. Sierra Chart is self-contained in one folder. Therefore, it is easy to remove with simple deletion, so there is no practical reason for an un-installer. Un-installers, for safety reasons, do not remove all the related software files from your system, like data files and configuration files. Which means if you want to completely remove Sierra Chart, you would still have to manually delete the folder it is installed to anyway. Sierra Chart can also be installed multiple times to your system, an un-installer listed through the Windows Control Panel would only remove the most recently installed copy. Which may not even be the copy you want to remove. While we could support listing multiple un-installers in the Windows Programs and Features control panel page, there is no practical benefit to this to justify the effort. It only unnecessarily complicates things.

Sierra Chart does not support un-installation through the windows Programs and Features control panel page. There simply is no need for this complex method to uninstall. Additionally, that does not provide a clear and direct method to uninstall a program. Often trying to uninstall a program through that interface simply fails because you are asked for a disk or a location to the un-installer to proceed with the un-installation, which you may not even have or may not even make any sense for the particular task you are trying to accomplish.

We try to be as independent as possible from design flaws and problems in the Windows operating system and keep only to the basics for reliability and ease of use.

How often have you tried to un-install a program and have it fail and then have the listing for the program still in the Programs and Features control panel page? We have seen this often.

Setting up Shortcut to Sierra Chart

Follow the below procedure to set up a shortcut to Sierra Chart on your desktop.

  1. Go to the folder that Sierra Chart is installed to on your system. This folder is usually C:\SierraChart.
  2. In that folder you will see a file named SierraChart or SierraChart.exe. Right-click on this file and select Copy on the menu.
  3. Go to the desktop on your computer and then right-click on an empty space and select Paste Shortcut. You will see a new shortcut on the desktop that you can then click on to start Sierra Chart.

*Last modified Friday, 30th January, 2015.