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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 03:21:50 +0000

disable alerts on a chart option

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[2019-07-28 20:04:03]
samual sprat - Posts: 343

currently i’m using the mute alerts option but that disables alerts for the entire instance

would it be possible to create the option to disable alerts on a single chart within a chartbook containing multiple charts? to be able to do this from the chart shortcuts menu would be invaluable

[2019-09-16 00:58:00]
Acro - Posts: 428
I second the idea.
If you have two chartbooks open for separate symbols and you are focussing on trading only one of those symbols, it is extremely distracting to get alerts from the other symbol's charts.

At the moment you need to manually go into the studies of the other chartbook and disable alert sounds for all studies relating to that symbol if you don't wish to hear them.

It would be much simpler if one could turn off alerts by chart or chartbook.

Q - does the last tab in Chart Settings - "Alerts" - disable the alerts on that chart if one unchecks enabled ?
[2020-09-04 02:11:41]
gjockey - Posts: 37
Disabling all alerts in a chartbook would be a very useful tool. Would make it easy to create multiple alerts intraday and "reset" the slate for the next day.
[2022-05-23 08:16:13]
SavantTrader - Posts: 73
Dear Support - I have to join in with these folks, some of whom have been seeking this solution since 2014.

It would be ideal if one or both of the following were implemented:

o Allow the ability, via menu selection, to enable/silence *audio* alerts for the selected chart.

o Allow the ability, via menu selection, to enable/silence *audio* alerts for the selected chartbook.

Please consider implementing this... it's been long requested in multiple threads.
[2022-05-23 09:09:32]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103470
This is already supported. Probably was implemented about two years ago.

Look at Edit >> Disable All Alerts-Chart/Chartbook.

Edit Menu: Edit >> Disable All Alerts - Chart
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