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Save windows configuration for multiscreen

[2013-12-02 15:46:34]
User59474 - Posts: 13

I use a multimonitor system with your software. when i save all the settings, and closes sierra chart, when i open it again, all my opened windows are opening too with the software, but not where they were placed. So what i want is to be able to save sierra chart chartbooks and windows at their place, to be able to do a multimonitoring system more efficient, because if i must replace all the windows where i want them to be all time i close and open sierra chart, it'll be tought doing with time.
Thanks for your help
[2013-12-02 20:00:50]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 78977
We are 99.99999% certain this is an issue on your system and we do hear about these problems from time to time with some systems.

Sierra Chart does save and restore the windows in their previous position as long as you saved the Chartbook before closing Sierra Chart, there is absolutely no doubt about that.

We really do not know what help we can offer with this. We had someone else report a problem with Time and Sales windows not being positioned as they were previously. And we looked into the issue very thoroughly, and determined very clearly the issue was with their system.

It is probably the video driver or operating system has some bug relating to multiple monitors. What we determined was actually going on is that the operating system was determining that Sierra Chart was positioning the window when we create and show it, at a position which was offscreen and it moved it back to the main monitor. Maybe this will help you with the problem.
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[2013-12-03 09:03:16]
User59474 - Posts: 13
Thanks for your quick reply.
I use now a software named autosizer, to keep the size and the position of the different windows even when i reboot my system. If it can help anyone.


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