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Date/Time: Sat, 21 Sep 2019 12:37:28 +0000

Sierra Chart user input delay using live data

[2019-06-12 08:54:54]
User629461 - Posts: 65
Hi, since going to real time streaming data, i find that SC has a problem with delay on user input (eg mouse actions - zoom/scroll/move chart) and hangs for a second or so every few seconds, particularly if the computer restarts from sleep mode. I find i have to Reload & Recalc (Ins key) each chart to get it to behave which shouldn't be necessary. I'm using 1 chartbook with 16 charts (all the same instrument - different timeframes - 1/3 daily & higher, the other 2/3 are intraday and tick), no complex studies (std volume on most and Zig Zag Cum Volume on some charts). When this occurs the CPU fan also kicks to high until I Reload. Is this a known problem? Any advice on resolution, as its very unproductive, particularly if it happens during a trading session. Thanks
[2019-06-12 21:25:24]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 76441
In general refer to help topic 30 for this kind of condition:

And refer to:

I find i have to Reload & Recalc (Ins key) each chart to get it to behave which shouldn't be necessary.
Also this makes no sense at all. That will never be necessary unless you are using some custom study which has a problem.
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