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Date/Time: Sun, 16 Jun 2019 07:53:26 +0000

Cumulative Delta volume

Support Request:
[2019-04-15 12:35:02]
User338838 - Posts: 5
Hello, I kindly ask You how it is possible to get the cumulative delta volume represented in your graphs only with the numbers Ie not with histograms. Thanks best regards
[2019-04-15 17:44:36]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 72845
The easiest thing to do is to use the Numbers Bars Calculated Values study, which has an option to display the Cumulative Ask Bid Difference and resets with the start of the trading day. Refer to the documentation here:

There are also these Subgraphs available with that study:
Cumulative Delta Volume High
Cumulative Delta Volume Low
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