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Date/Time: Wed, 26 Jun 2019 21:20:02 +0000

3/10 Oscillator Plotting Question/Suggestion

Support Request:
[2019-03-13 11:21:43]
Parames3 - Posts: 1

I'm new on SierraChart. I want to adapt to this platform since it seems very powerful. The first thing I find is a problem (at least for me) with 3/10 Oscillator.

Histogram bars donĀ“t fit well inside Fast Line. I know 3/10 Oscillator is a simple MACD with 3-10-16 parameters, but I'm used to other platforms where histogram shows this way.

Is there any way to achieve this? (See attached image please)

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[2019-03-13 15:21:35]
John - SC Support - Posts: 1000
First, you need to understand that what is displayed by the Bars is not just the bars for the 3/10 Oscillator values, but is the difference between the 3/10 Oscillator and the Moving Average of the 3/10 Oscillator. Therefore it is displaying properly. You will find the information on the calculations of the 3/10 Oscillator here:

If you want to have a display that is both the line and the bars for the 3/10 Oscillator itself, then follow the instructions here to accomplish this look:

Just keep in mind that you will want to set the Draw Style for the Subgraphs that you do not want to display to Ignore.
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