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Date/Time: Sun, 04 Dec 2022 21:27:41 +0000

Possible to copy a study over to new chart with custom settings.

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[2019-02-20 06:17:55]
User541156 - Posts: 67
I know we can save the study collection and reapply on a brand new chart, or just clone the chart and add/remove any study we want.

But is it possible to somehow save settings of a single study i.e. Daily OHLC with certain colors and line widths on Chart # 1 and then add that just that 1 study (Daily OHLC) to a different Chart # 2 without applying a complete study collection? Because Chart # 2 might already have different indicators on it which I dont want to disturb and all I need is to not re-do all the settings of Daily OHLC again.

[2019-02-21 09:05:39]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104293
What you can do is create a Study Collection consisting of a single study and then use the option to Prompt to Remove Existing Studies and then when applying it to the other chart, do not remove the existing studies.
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[2019-02-21 11:22:48]
User541156 - Posts: 67
That would do perfectly.
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[2022-10-05 13:04:55]
User132988 - Posts: 13
Be great if you just had a load option to load previously saved studies...

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