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Date/Time: Wed, 21 Aug 2019 08:57:03 +0000

colorization of candlesticks

Support Request:
[2019-02-11 20:05:31]
Glenn Infinity - Posts: 102
An up bar that closes higher than the open should be hollow but if it is up but price closes lower than the open it should be filled (green). The opposite (red hollow or filled) for down prices. So I would like a combination of solid and hollow bars -- depending on whether the up price closes lower or higher than open, and depending whether the down price closes lower or higher than the open.

is this possible, I know you can ho;;ow the candles and color the outline up or down, but are uncertain on how to have the solid bars if the close, (up or down is lower or higher than the open)
[2019-02-12 16:02:44]
John - SC Support - Posts: 1185
Yes, this can be done. It is a bit complicated as you would need to add 2 Color Bar Based on Alert Condition Studies for each hollow bar condition you want to fill, and then use the Study Subgraphs Reference to fill in the actual hollow area.

We have attached a Study Collection to help get you started. This has the hollow bars filled when the Previous Last is higher than the current Last (the Alert condition is the same in both Color Bar Based on Alert Condition). Note that one Color Bar Based on Alert Condition has the Input as the Open and the other as the Last.

You would need to modify the alerts to match what you want, and then add another set of these studies to do the opposite fill. Note that the color of the fill is controlled by the color of Subgraph 2 in the Study Subgraph Reference. Also note the selected Subgraph Draw Style in the Study Subgraphs Reference of Candlestick Body Close and Candlestick Body Open.

The documentation for each of these studies can be found here:


And here is the information for how to use the Study Collection:
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