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Date/Time: Mon, 04 Mar 2024 21:55:46 +0000

[User Discussion] - Dynamic Volume Profile

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[2018-12-10 19:39:21]
User999835 - Posts: 28
Hi SC team,

In the same way the Zig Zag study creates new rotations or lines when it detects a new leg in a price move, would it be possible to have a dynamic volume profile that creates a new profile based on the new Zig Zag leg please?

To clarify, I'd like to have multiple profiles displayed on my chart that have been created automatically by SC each time there is a rotation.

Thank you
[2018-12-18 15:56:53]
User999835 - Posts: 28
Hello SC,

Please could you let me know if the above feature request will be considered?

Thank you
[2023-07-09 06:11:20]
User280673 - Posts: 27
+1 This would actually be an extremely useful feature. Looks like this thread is 5 years old. As far as I can tell there has been no implementation. Are there any updates regarding this request?
[2023-08-19 15:29:26]
Bram - Posts: 24
+1 this would be indeed interesting to see the shift in selling or buying interest developing bar by bar
[2023-08-19 15:57:24]
Bram - Posts: 24
I have a solution but it's not as YOU want, i saved it as a single study so i can just right click and have it disposable at all times, i only need to fill in start time and it starts developing

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