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Numbers Bars and autoscrolling

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[2013-04-08 08:47:54]
FGBL07 - Posts: 19
I use a Constant Volume Bar Chart with Numbers Bars v2. Pullback column is enabled. When a new bar is painted the chart does not scroll properly, the Pullback column is only shown halfway. Besides the chart loses the scrollbar (only way to scroll it, so the Pullback column is displayed properly) though the menu item is checked. Unchecking and checking the menu item again restores it.

I use version 961 but this happened already in 954. Thought an upgrade would help. Windows 7 home premium 64-bit.
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[2013-04-08 08:54:30]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103470
Never heard of a case where a chart loses the scrollbar unless you deliberately disable the scrollbar or the chart is not active and you have enabled General Settings >>Auto Hide Chart Title bars and Scrollbars. We also ourselves never observed such a case where a chart loses a scrollbar or could see how that would happen other than for the reasons given.

Aside from this, you just need to add some fill space to the right side of the chart and lock the fill space with Chart >> Lock Fill Space.
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