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Date/Time: Thu, 20 Jun 2024 19:39:12 +0000

spreadsheet going blank

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[2013-10-24 02:41:31]
User021827 - Posts: 174
I was going along testing different simple moving average crossovers to get used to spreadsheet when they stopped working.

When I did the replay , whether bar or regular replay, the spreadsheet did not fill up with data and the formelas disappeared from the function cells at the end of the replay.
The cells that had the buy and sell formulas where then empty, like someone erased them.

Of course there were no trades placed. Did nothing different from previous tests.
Have you seen this before ?

[2013-10-24 04:57:00]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
You may not be looking at the correct Sheet within the Spreadsheet.

And you need to be familiar with the Formula Source Sheet Number input:

And also the Chart Data Output Sheet Number input.
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[2013-10-24 12:10:59]
User021827 - Posts: 174
thanks for the link

I think it was due to this, which I found in the link you sent

"If you enter Formulas in cells K3 through Z3 on a Sheet in a Spreadsheet that has formulas copied from another Sheet because the Formula Source Sheet Number input is set to a different Sheet number, then the formulas you enter will be erased when the Spreadsheet is updated. They will be either blank or replaced by the formulas from the source Sheet[/i]."

thanks for your help

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