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Delay between Charts

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[2013-10-23 15:41:45]
100 - Posts: 147
Hello! I am running several charts w/ different time frames - 1 min, 30sec, 1 sec.
The 1 second chart always updates last, the 1 minute, always first.
During high data periods the 1 second chart can be up to 1-3 seconds delayed beyond
the 1 minute chart. & that is 1-3 seconds beyond the delay of the data.

Is there a way to reduce the delay between these charts?
Is there a reason my charts are lagging?
Do I need a stronger processor?
(I know very little of this, but I doubt this is related to a firewall or internet issue.)
The PC running the charts is an msi 1155 mobo, w/ quadro nvs 510, 16 gb ddr3 ram, & I7 quadcore. I do not believe the issue to be server / pc related.
[2013-10-23 17:55:47]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Check the Global Settings >> General Settings >> Chart Update Interval setting.

Other than this, we can only refer you to help topic 30:
There must be studies on the charts which are taking a significant amount of time to calculate.

If you are using the zigzag study, update to the latest prerelease because we improved the calculation speed with it. That could be the problem in your case. We remember that from previously.
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