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[User Discussion] - support/resistance lines

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[2013-10-22 19:09:36]
infpz - Posts: 826
Do we have anything that draws "support" and "resistance" lines on the charts automatically? I know these terms are awfully subjective. See the lines on the attachment.
imageSUPRES.png / V - Attached On 2013-10-22 19:09:32 UTC - Size: 100.22 KB - 1331 views
[2013-10-22 20:20:24]
User14266 - Posts: 225
Very subjective. If you are using the VbP study, you can choose to "Extend Peaks and Valleys". You can then adjust the sensitivity of the peaks and valleys. I find it helpful.
[2013-10-23 15:44:23]
infpz - Posts: 826
thank you for this. does anyone else have any suggestions? thank you
[2013-10-23 21:28:48]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
We need specific details of what you are looking for. Otherwise, we do not know what to suggest.
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[2013-10-24 11:12:25]
infpz - Posts: 826
I think the lines are based on multiple strikes within a price range on a regular tick chart that creates significant swing high/lows. It might have some kind of momentum oscillator built into it too but I really don't know how it decides to plot the line or when to stop plotting it.

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