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Help- The Chartbook file is not a valid Chartbook

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[2013-10-22 14:45:53]
TastyRisk - Posts: 119
Hi, I have SC installed on a separate partition.

I've got MSG in LOG "The Chartbook file is not a valid Chartbook. File: T:\SierraCha.." (x6 chartbooks) after restarting.

I think it's because the disk volume got full.

Please advise if I can recover my chart-books. I've shut down SC and will await your advice.

Thanks so much.

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[2013-10-22 14:53:57]
TastyRisk - Posts: 119
Hmm, this is very strange. I have tried to open backup chartbooks. Five opened successfully but the sixth didn't. After opening the log I see "not enough room on the disk" messages streaming in the log. This is very weird as I made 2GB free only 10 mins ago.

I will investigate.
[2013-10-22 15:48:33]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 5625
How much free space do you have on the drive? When you delete files in Windows, make sure to also clear the recycle bin.

Sierra Chart Support
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[2013-10-22 22:14:15]
TastyRisk - Posts: 119
Up and running now after doing some drivers troubleshooting and a big virus scan on my computer.

I think it was something to do with (1) Hard Disk being full, and, (2) that because I have Write Caching set to true on this drive within Device Manager... Windows "helpfully" transparently cached various entire SCID files to RAM at the time I originally ran out of HD space, and then later when I had already made some free space, flushed them back to disk as I was opening the chart backup files.

Everything seems ok now. I have over 4GB free (for) now and this drive is just used for trading data.

*sorry multiple edits on this post.
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[2013-10-23 15:38:02]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 5625
Our suggestion would be to get a bigger drive. As it is generally recommended to have at least 10 to 15% free space on a drive to avoid performance degradation and serious data issues.
Sierra Chart Support
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