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Date/Time: Thu, 02 Apr 2020 00:36:16 +0000

possible display problem

[2013-10-11 20:32:29]
M5amhan - Posts: 468 | Ending Date: 2016-07-11 [Expired]

i have noticed that the "dash" line style will not work on studies when using a thickness greater than 1. this will work on drawing tools though. could this be fixed?

here is an example side by side: http://www.sierrachart.com/image.php?l=1381523533644.png

[2013-10-14 12:47:57]
M5amhan - Posts: 468 | Ending Date: 2016-07-11 [Expired]
could you please look at this? i am sure it is just a small problem because it used to work

[2013-10-15 02:46:59]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 82993 | Ending Date: 2020-06-09
There is no practical solution to this because the line is not a continuous line. It is multiple smaller lines, so it will appear solid due to the extra thickness.
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