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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 06:45:48 +0000

Customizing Colors on the Menu - missing parameters

Support Request:
[2013-04-05 06:40:25]
Rainer - Posts: 95
When following the SC Help-Manual, it appears the mentioned colored buttons on the first tab of the Configuration/Properties window Do Not exist and we can not modify any of the predefined 8 custom colors labeled Color#1, Color#2 ... Color#8.
Extract from manual={It is possible to customize the colors listed on the menu. Right-click on a chart drawing and select Chart Drawing Properties. Press one of the colored buttons on the first tab of the Configuration/Properties window to open the Color Selector window ...}
[2013-04-05 07:59:09]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65114
Refer to the Chart Drawing Tools page again and reload it. We updated it with an image to make this clear.
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[2013-04-05 09:23:28]
Rainer - Posts: 95
Thanks. The wording needs slight alteration as well, as the Define Custom Colors button is grayed out and not used/needed. And the 8 colors referred to are the bottom last 8 colors appearing in a horizontal line.

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