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Date/Time: Tue, 30 May 2023 07:46:53 +0000

[User Discussion] - Alerts with Woodies CCI

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[2013-09-18 15:00:38]
Andrea279 - Posts: 5

during last several days I have been trying to set alerts into Woodies CCI study I use for my graphs. I downloaded the study form SC webpage.
I have read carefully whole "manual" here: http://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?l=doc/doc_AlertCondAndScan.html#EnterAlertOnStudy
My condition should be like this: Since I use rangebars I wanted to link the allert to Count Down Timer in Woodies study. When there is 5 ticks left to print rangebar the allert should start.
Acording to the manual i tried to make condition: =(SG1,5)
But it doesnt work and I do not know why. How should the syntax looklike then?
Thank you.
[2013-09-18 15:48:55]
crazybears - Posts: 314

check the number of Count Down Timer , it's something like : ID: follows by a numer
so for example :

[2013-09-18 16:34:39]
tomgilb - Posts: 3629
The CountDown Timer does not output its value so it is not possible to create an alert with a simple formula.
It is possible using the spreadsheet study here:

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[2013-09-19 07:15:29]
Andrea279 - Posts: 5

thank you for your help.

Well it looks it will be a little complicated to link the allert to countdowntimer. I do not insist on this. All I need is to hear the "beep" when there are 5 ticks remaining to print the rangebar. So my idea is to link the alert to price chart and write syntax describing High - Low = 20 (I use 25 ticks for rangebars.)It should work as well. I wanted to create syntax this way: =((H-L)=20)
But it did not work. What am I doing wrong?

Tomgilb: I use the countdowntimer built in the Woodies CCI study, not the additional one described in the link you provided. But it does output text (not number) as well. Would it be possible to put into the allert formula reference to "text" saying "5"? It would be the easiest way. How would the syntax looklike please?

As I said, I do not care what the alert will be linked to and how the syntax will looklike. I just need the beep :-)

Many thanks

[2013-09-19 12:36:42]
tomgilb - Posts: 3629
OK, my solution was overkill. Try this:


If you want to use the spreadsheet solution and also display the countdown value on the chart, use the Text Display For Study study and reference column R.
[2013-09-19 13:35:56]
crazybears - Posts: 314

try on Range bar
Chart Settings -> Advanced Setting -> in the bottom , below Simple Alert text , in the condition field insert H-L>= insert the value in ticks considering thee instrument , so if you use Es 5 ticks means 1.25 , on CL means 0.05 ,Ym 5 and so on
[2013-09-20 14:43:21]
Andrea279 - Posts: 5

thank you guys for your help.
The formula =(H-L)>=20 workes.
Thanks for your time.

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