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Date/Time: Sat, 19 Jan 2019 23:47:51 +0000

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[2017-12-13 16:46:51]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 3675

I expect I will be able to get ES from Infinity, which is the only futures symbol I want.

I also would like stocks traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

The cash indexes are also of interest, specifically Dow Jones Industrials, S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, and Russell 2000.

Finally, I would like NYSE internals (specifically, advancers, decliners, up volume, and down volume).

Ideally I would also like to be able to create spread charts (GS/JPM, AAPL/GOOG, etc.), which I think your software can do anyway, though I have not started using it, yet.

Thank you,

Sierra Chart Support
[2017-12-13 20:49:24]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68081
Do you just require historical data for stocks and indexes? Or do you need historical and real-time data?

Based on your requirements you will need a direct Sierra Chart account:

If you require real-time stock and index data data you will also need to use the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed:

Market statistics are included:

Spreads are supported.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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